2012 - 2014

I offered my photography as well as animal care at the start-up of this amazing project, and I find myself returning to this amazing spot on the planet year after year.


The Texas Sealife Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of coastal and aquatic wildlife. The organization was formed due to a recognized need for additional wildlife support in South Texas and the growing number of animals that are admitted to wildlife centers in the U.S. annually. Though we are in our early development, the enthusiasm behind our cause is contagious and the momentum and public support is continuing to grow.


Texas Sealife Center is the result of dedicated (and determined!) people and a whole lot of volunteers.

Tim Tristan and Amanda Terry are talented and ambitious and the work they do for wildlife in Texas is absolutely amazing.


Learn more about Texas Sealife Center on their website

2011 - 2013

I offered my photography as a donation to the start-up of this project.

The vision of Modisa is to give people an increased knowledge of the challenges the wildlife of Botswana is facing and what actions researchers and the government are implementing to benefit wildlife and the locals in Botswana.


MODISA has developed a unique volunteer program. The program will give an exclusive experience and close encounters with the African wildlife, the stunning nature and its people.

The program consists of a well-balanced mix between safari, lectures and being part of the day-to-day work on site.


Learn more about Modisa Wildlife Project on their website


This is a cause very close to my heart!

Getting the opportunity to ride along with Falck Animal ambulance was a great opportunity for me to create awarenes in regards to the consequenses of garbage in nature and how it affects the wildlife in Denmark.


Fishinghooks that are lost will often end up in a birds foot or mouth, leaving the animal in great pain and often they have to be put down because the damage is to great to fix.

Fishing lines are also the cause of a lot of damage, as it ends up tangled around the neck and wings.


Small corrections in behaviour can make a bigger difference than you think. Taking the top off the speed while driving in rural areas could prevent a lot of road accidents with deer. Think about where you throw your garbage. Tossing garbage in nature will will often end up in the stomach, or tangled around the limbs of an animal, leaving it crippled with no chance of escape.


A small effort in teaching the younger generation (as well as the grown-ups) how to take pride in taking care of what is left of nature and wildlife in Denmark, could make a great difference.


Falck,(at the time of the project) in cooperation with Dyrenes Beskyttelse (Animal protection), rescues and gives wildlife a second chance when the wildlife gets into problematic situations from which they cannot escape on their own.

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